The practice of Yoga entails much more than the physical forms we explore on the mat…

Yoga is a Life Path!


Discover yoga as your life’s path and a comprehensive system leading to inner peace, physical  well-being, and harmony with others. Patanjali describes this eight-limbed path of yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, in the ‘Yoga Sutra’.

Following a discussion of Patanjali’s eight-limbed system, we will explore the first limb, yama, which are the ethical precepts that act as guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life.  We will discover how we may approach our daily lives consciously following these ethical guidelines so we conduct ourselves in integrity and harmoniously with our surrounding community.

These precepts of living will be woven into a flowing yoga practice with breath work and meditation, appropriate for all levels of practice.  Upon completion, participants will be equipped with strategies and plans to practice these ethical guidelines in their lives.

Paleaku Peace Sanctuary and Gardens

Three Saturdays:  April 27th , May 11th, May 25th

9 am to noon

$40 per session, $100 for all 3,  if pre-registered.

$45 per session at door

Call Hooda for details 808-937-4462

Hooda has been offering guidance in yoga and mindfulness to a variety of populations for 14 years.  Her dynamic enthusiasm and passion for yoga are apparent in her teaching.  She believes in meeting students where they are at and making practice accessible to everyone. Her classes are non-dogmatic and playful, incorporating precision and alignment merged with the fluidity of moving in concert with one’s breath.