hoodaAbout Hooda

Hooda has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga and mindfulness since her youth in London, Ontario.  Upon moving to Calgary, Alberta, she completed teacher trainings with Rockne White of ‘Yoga in Motion’ and Larry Schultz of ‘It’s Yoga’, in San Francisco.  She started teaching in 1999 in a variety of settings including schools, businesses, parks, and community centers in addition to being a primary teacher at the top yoga center in Calgary.  She continued to seek out the teachings of many internationally-respected practitioners in the traditions of Ashtanga, Iyengar, and flow styles of practice.  Her studies with Norman Allen brought her to the Big Island of Hawaii, where she now resides with her family on an organic coffee farm.  Presently she teaches at Paleaku Peace Gardens and the Sheraton Keauhou Resort.

Her enthusiasm and passion for yoga is apparent in her teaching.  She believes in meeting the students where they are at, adapting to individual needs and adjusting to make practice accessible to everyone. Her classes are non-dogmatic and playful, providing a challenging and compassionate space in which to explore one’s potentials. She incorporates precision and alignment merged with the fluidity of moving in concert with one’s breath.